This is absolutely bizarre.

Is it too much to ask that those individuals tasked with writing laws to govern our state can actually string together coherent sentences that are intelligible?

Then again, perhaps Rep. Kleefisch didn’t actually write this press release – maybe that task fell to Ashlee Moore, the Kleefisch aide who recently plagiarized federal legislation and quotes from Congressmen, passing them off as coming from Rep. Kleefisch.

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2 Responses to Has Joel Kleefisch been letting Ashlee Moore write his press releases?

  1. zach is newski says:

    You state in this piece that sentences should be intelligible, yet the very first sentence of the following piece regarding Burke is unintelligible.

    • Heh….thanks for point out that I forgot the word “on” in that one sentence.

      However, I’m glad we seem to be in agreement that Rep. Kleefisch’s press release is nearly unintelligible.

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