Jonathan Capeheart: The GOP might as well be dead


The Growth and Opportunity Project, aka “the autopsy,” was heralded as the Republican Party’s clear-eyed assessment of its 2012 presidential defeat. Autopsies are done on dead things, and ever since its March 2013 release, the GOP has done everything possible to stay dead.

3 comments to Jonathan Capeheart: The GOP might as well be dead

  • Mark E. Bye

    For a party that we keep hearing is dead, on its last legs, in its death throes, etc., it still seems to get enough of its candidates elected to keep a monkey wrench in the gears of progress.


  • AJ

    The Republican Party in Wisconsin is stronger than ever. If the Democrats do not take over the State Senate we will have a lot bigger structural problems than Act 10 down the road via Constitutional Amendment such as requiring a 2/3rds legislative vote on all new taxes that Rep. Dean Knudson and Senator Leah Vukmir have proposed.


  • The last time we heard this kind of talk about the GOP was shortly after Obama’s 2008 election. Best to assume they’re alive and well.


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