Paul Ryan’s alone on a deserted island

The fact that not a single Wisconsin Republican has come out in support of Rep. Paul Ryan’s proposed budget compromise is absolutely remarkable.

Republican Sen. Ron Johnson said he shared Ryan’s goals to put in place budget disciplines and avoid future shutdowns that hurt the economy. Johnson served on the budget conference committee but was not involved in the day-to-day negotiations that essentially were left to Murray and Ryan.

“I also believe Chairman Ryan got the best deal possible from Democrats who control the Senate and the White House, who oppose limiting spending and taxes,” Johnson said. “There are elements in the bill, however, that give me serious concern. I will look hard at the details of the bill when it comes to the Senate floor and vote for what I think is right for Wisconsin and the nation.”

Republican Rep. Sean Duffy praised the Ryan-Murray agreement for breaking congressional gridlock and providing much-needed certainty to Wisconsin businesses and families.

Like some others, however, Duffy said he has issues with it. “I understand, as the chairmen understood, that in a divided government no one gets everything they want. Certainly this budget does not answer all of our fiscal woes and more work to reduce government waste needs to be done,” Duffy said.

Other Wisconsin Republicans, Reps. Reid Ribble, James Sensenbrenner and Tom Petri, withheld comment.

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