This is one of the most beautiful and moving songs I’ve ever heard. She wrote it just after the Asian tsunami of 2004. I just love Eliza!

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One Response to Thursday Music: Eliza Gilkyson – Requiem

  1. Cat Kin says:

    A beautiful plea for mercy, Steve. One that could also be applied to our current tsunami of healthcare costs.

    1.7 million people will file for bankruptcy protection from medical costs this year.

    Even outside of bankruptcy, about 56 million adults—more than 20 percent of the population between the ages of 19 and 64—will still struggle with health-care-related bills this year, according to NerdWallet Health study from the U.S. Census, Centers for Disease Control.

    We must continue to support the Affordable Care Act, despite the overwhelming corporate opposition. With solid health care, bankruptcies will all but disappear; also Insurance Companies will lower prices as experience and acceptance show room for lower overhead and competition for business heats up among Insurance Companies throughout the world.

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