Holy Shit!

I had no idea election fraud in Wisconsin was so ubiquitous until I read this story from Media Trackers from last November. Brace yourself because this will come as a shock.

65 charges of election fraud have been filed in Milwaukee since 2008! Holy shit! That means an average of roughly 11 per year! That’s enough to swing a county board supervisory seat election in your average rural Wisconsin county! Once a year!

That means that election fraud operatives have seized six county board seats in rural Wisconsin, one at a time, over the last six years. It’s an incremental takeover of Wisconsin through voter fraud that will only take several millenia to complete! Jesus H. Christ!

We need retinal recognition chips in every Wisconsin voter immediately or democracy is dead. Period.

Nice work, Media Trackers. You guys have an eye for the weighty issues, without a doubt.

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  1. Oftentimes this election fraud doesn’t even involve voting; it’s confined instead to the registration process. Acorn got in trouble in Milwaukee in 2008 because some of their paid recruiters were making up names to meet their quotas. Not a good thing, but no effect on elections at all.

  2. Oftentimes this election fraud doesn’t even involve voting; it’s confined instead to the registration process. Acorn got in trouble in Milwaukee in 2008 because some of their paid recruiters were making up names to meet their quotas. Not a good thing, but no effect on elections at all.

  3. Steve, don’t let the bastards get you confused between VOTER fraud and ELECTION fraud.

    VOTER fraud (fake or multiple ballots cast by an individual) is the excuse for Voter ID, and is the thing we know does not exist because people are relentlessly looking for it.

    ELECTION fraud is more wholesale; the biggest current threat is the mis-programming of electronic vote tabulators or county-level miscalculation of tallied results from multiple precincts. No one knows for sure whether election fraud has happened in Wisconsin (though it’s been noted elsewhere), because despite the fact that our voting-machine security is much less rigorous than Target’s (and you know what happened to them), no one ever audits our machines’ results before certifying them as final election results. Our precinct workers push the button at the end of Election Day, print out the tape, and are required (by GAB’s interpretation of state law) to believe it.

    The only electronic mis-tabulation ever documented in a Wisconsin election (that I know of) was in Taylor County in the November 2004 election, but that appears to have been inadvertent–the programmer set the machine up to ignore all the straight-party ticket ballots, completely disenfranchising more than 600 voters. But then again, no one ever looks for that type of error/fraud (the Taylor County disenfranchisement was also detected inadvertently) so we don’t know how many elections it has affected, if any.

    (Footnote too inconsequential to affect my main point: Wisconsin does audit a very few machines after November elections (no other election), but GAB instructs the auditors to “count the votes as the machines would have counted them,” so that misread ballots don’t count as ‘errors.’ We also recount some very close races but election results inside the recount margin are the ones that are least likely to have been manipulated–it’s folly to believe that election thieves don’t know enough to make sure their guy’s margin is just big enough so that a recount would be prohibitively expensive. )

    1. Thanks Karen,

      This is a bit to get through, but has been around for awhile. From October 27, 2013.


      Have we heard anything from the national or state D leadership regarding this problem? (my bolds)

      NOTE: Our update includes strong evidence of election fraud in 3 more counties — we can now see that at least 8 counties demonstrate impossible results.

      By the end of the week of Scott Walker’s June 5th recall election, VOICES published a report that expressed concerns about the results which included the following strange occurrences:

      1. Some counties were giving free touch screen machines from an outfit out of Minnesota.
      2. GAB rules prohibit any meaningful verification that vote tabulators accurately count ballots throughout the process.
      3. The media, all day, stated that exit polling data indicated essentially a 5./50 split — repeatedly stating the race was too close to call.
      4. This exit poll data did not match the numbers coming out of proprietary and unverifiable vote machines — both touch screen and tabulators. The exit poll owners, a small group of major media players, corrupted that data, misleadingly calling it an adjustment, to match unverifiable machine counts. This corrupted data was then used to call the election for Scott Walker while people in some communities were still in line waiting to vote.”

  4. Karen,

    I just borrowed the authors language. It was just meant to mock Media Trackers.


    I’ve been round and round about this with several people on facebook. If Richard Charnin and the Madison Voices people think they have mathematical proof of election fraud in the Walker recall then they need to hold a huge press conference and present their case. Or at least see if Charnin’s model can be replicated by independent statisticians. It’s not helpful to put forth this stuff from a blog with no names attached to it.

  5. From Duane12’s “A Political Lexicon and Other Translations.”

    The term “voter fraud” is defined as:

    GOP fraud; the sky is falling fraud; phoney legislation fraud; Republican bullshit fraud; a contradiction in terms fraud; conservative racism fraud.

    Any of these terms are acceptable and interchangeable with “voter fraud.”

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