11 Responses to The anti-Christ will poll better than Obama

  1. independent guy says:

    Zach does it all the time too, but, is it really a good idea to mix politics and religion? It’s interesting as Zach thinks he’s religous and you don’t.
    Pastor Jeffress was being kind, Barry the weedman is an anti-Christ. Pretty sure there is more than one.

    • nonquixote says:


      I’ve done it before at BB, I’ve forgotten to check the “Category” in Steve’s post info. This was meant as a subject for a light-hearted look at the ludicrous. This is why I don’t sip coffee near my keyboard. Enjoy your day.

    • “It’s interesting as Zach thinks he’s religous”

      I don’t “think” I’m religious; I am. I may not be religious in the “Obama is the antiChrist” sense of things, but to each their own.

  2. IG,

    I think Pastor Jeffress is a huckster. And if you think there’s more than one anti-Christ, or even one, then I you’re a fool.

  3. independent guy says:

    Can I get another 30 day insult moratorium if I buy another CD? You have more. ??

  4. IG,

    I’m afraid my temperament allows for only one 30 day insult moratorium per customer. 🙂

  5. Duane12 says:

    We need more Republicans such as Jeffress on O’Reilly and other of the FOX gang. They lost a lot when Bishop Beck went single.

    Progressives need help from Rev.O’Reilly et al to expose fools, racists, and other “religious” nuts.

    Ain’t Fox’s version of “freedom of religion” great!


  6. Cat Kin says:

    The idea of the anti-christ is interesting, because it could well be Christ’s Church herself. If one goes back to the time of Christ and try to understand how all things were personified into gods or spirits, one will how see one of the most intelligent and compassionate men who ever lived put real life elements into a form that people could understand. The Church has, on the whole, obfuscated these truths (body and blood = water & wine via the same type of atoms; or The Father = the irresistible urge for procreation; physical healing = mental assurance and well being leading to health and strength; God or Father = the mathematically impossible progression of life itself) Christ Himself said that we would do greater things than He did, and have we not in some ways achieved this already? When mankind fully understands and accepts the real Jesus Christ, He will have returned “on the clouds, in majesty and power.”

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