The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s new prince of darkness suggests that it is time to rework the laws defining John Doe because there are LEAKS surrounding John Doe II…aka the John Doe investigating irregularities surrounding the gubernatorial recall campaign.

Leaks have served to prosecute conservatives in the court of public opinion when actual evidence is insufficient.

Seems like a bit of overkill…if leaks are hampering investigations…if people are being wrongly persecuted because of leaks…shouldn’t we be arresting and charging those violating the secrecy provisions of current John Doe law?

Well that might be a little problematic when it is the ‘conservative targets’ of the probe who are apparently the source of the leaks…just sayin’

One Response to Change The John Doe Process Because of Leaks?

  1. Graeme Zielinski says:

    What is hilarious is that the Journal Sentinel has withheld Doe information most damaging to Walker.

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