Image courtesy Wisneski for Brown County Supervisor

Image courtesy Wisneski for Brown County Supervisor

Meet Jason Wisneski.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Wisneski, he’s the 2nd Vice Chair of the Brown County Republicans, and he also happens to be a candidate for Brown County Supervisor this spring. On his campaign page, Wisneski describes himself as, “An avid music lover who was involved in several bands growing up, Jason still enjoys singing, songwriting and playing guitar in his spare time!” However, what Wisneski didn’t mention in his “About Jason” is that in 2008 he was convicted of Intentionally Mistreat Animals and was placed on one year of probation after a cat that lived in his house was found with four broken legs.

After news of Wisneski’s 2008 conviction broke on the Green Bay Press Gazette website, both Wisneski and his wife Monica Podgurski-Wisneski took to the comments section of the article to attempt to explain away Jason Wisneski’s 2008 conviction. In the process of doing so, both Wisneski and his wife accused Democratic State Senator Dave Hansen of being a “murderer,” a reference to a tragic accident involving Hansen and his granddaughter.

Here’s some screenshots of the despicable comments made by Jason Wisneski and his wife Monica Pogurski-Wisneski:



While there’s a lot that can be said (or in this case, written) about Jason Wisneski’s 2008 conviction for intentionally mistreating animals and the recent comments by Wisneski and his wife to “defend,” deflect, and explain away that conviction, my thoughts are best summed up by a tweet from Graeme Zielinski.

7 Responses to Conservative County Board candidate attempts to explain away his conviction for intentionally mistreating animals

  1. tea party party pooper says:

    Hope you have some more screenshots as Jason Wisneski has apparently deleted most of his comments posted at the GBPG. Including the one screengrab posted above.

  2. David Blaska says:

    Graeme Zielinski? That’s your high moral authority on good conduct?

  3. The Wisneski’s remarks about Dave Hansen are some of the most, if not THE most, despicable comments I’ve ever read in the course of a political campaign. Jesus H Christ, what kind of people would post something like that on a public forum. Wisneski should just drop out of the race and spend some time thinking about what kind of man he wants to be.

  4. Mr Nice says:

    Jason Wisneski, you stand in front of an American Flag and can say those things about Dave Hansen . What kind of a person are you??

    You should drop out of office and go back to school and fine out how to treat people.

    My God…………fine a hole and get it in!!

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