This was incredibly stupid on Martin Weddle’s part.

An aide to a Milwaukee County Board member is coming under fire for using the taxpayer-paid county email system to promote a fundraising event for a Democratic group. 

Martin Weddle, a staffer for Supervisor Khalif Rainey, sent a note to County Board employees on May 28 encouraging them to attend a dinner by Emerge Wisconsin honoring U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore. Emerge Wisconsin says its aim is “to increase the number of Democratic women in public office.”

Weddle is currently one of three candidates running for a vacant seat on the County Board. 

Weddle’s note said the event, which was held Wednesday night, cost $125 per ticket and included a VIP reception with Moore. Rainey used to work for Moore, a Milwaukee Democrat. She is running for re-election against former state Sen. Gary George

Some conservatives (County Sup. Deanna Alexander being one) have tried to compare Martin Weddle’s one-time mistake with the pattern of unlawful behavior engaged in by multiple members of then-County Executive Scott Walker’s staff, and while Martin Weddle certainly should have known better than to send out a political email on County time, there’s really no comparison between a one-time mistake and the kind of misconduct in Scott Walker’s office that was exposed thanks to the John Doe investigation.

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