We are all aware that Governor Scott Walker has rammed through tea party legislation with an unflagging zeal. And we know that he can stay focused on topic when giving his scripted speeches to hand picked audiences in closed to the public private venues. But very little has been said about his actual governing. But there have been some subplots in recent news articles that point to the governor’s actual inability to govern!

From Tuesday July 1, 2014: State Lists Properties It’s Considering Selling:

He advised members of 10 possible sales, but gave few other details. For instance, he did not provide them with the fair market value of the properties, even though a 2013 law required his agency to give that information to the Building Commission by Tuesday.

Now, that deadline was from a 2013 law? So it was one that he signed.

From June 30, 2014: Wisconsin officials discuss streamlining civil service rules:

In recent months, administration officials told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel multiple times that they weren’t looking to change the state’s century-old system for placing qualified workers in public service and weeding out partisan hacks.

But when the newspaper received records through the state open records law detailing the early-stage discussions, state officials acknowledged they were taking some early steps, saying that they hadn’t disclosed the planning previously because it is modest in scope.

This actually has more to do with the promise of more transparency…but then the governor has always had his own way with words.

From June 13, 2014: Scott Walker adds two more to new mental health board:

Gov. Scott Walker on Friday appointed two new board members to oversee mental health care in Milwaukee County — a substance abuse specialist and a consumer representative.

Walker missed the deadline Monday to make all of the appointments to the newly created board. He had named seven of 11 board members by Monday.

And then of course there is that jobs thing…and that budget shortfall/no budget surplus/no wait, I mean budget shortfall!

[I had one more very recent example…but I lost my notes…I’ll update when I get it]

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3 Responses to Scott Walker Can’t Govern

  1. Ed Heinzelman says:

    Or the Medicaid expansion!

  2. Mortified West Alis Resident says:

    Very disappointed not to see the “Historic” Milwaukee Mile on the list. Historic for what? Being used once per year and a complete eyesore for the remaining 51 weeks. Time for it to go. It’s valuable land gone fallow.

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