Apparently the Republican Party of the 4th Congressional district really thinks Democratic Congressional candidate Gary George, who’s challenging incmbent Rep. Gwen Moore, is their kind of Democrat:

No doubt the Republican Party of the 4th Congressional district’s support for Gary George is based on their understanding that Dan Sebring, their preferred candidate, can’t beat Gwen Moore in November, while George may be seen as more vulnerable if he were the Democratic candidate in the fall.

3 Responses to 4th Congressional district GOP: vote for Democrat Gary George

  1. Jason Haas says:

    What does it say about the Republican Party of Wisconsin that they are urging their party members to vote for candidates running on the Democratic line, which would mean that they cannot vote for real Republican candidates? Tommy Thompson is asking people to vote for Clarke. And now this. Forget Dan Sebring, vote for Gary George. Wow. That’s a testimony to their willingness to make a slurry of these elections and their non-belief in their own candidates.

    • Precisely, Jason.

      It says everything that they’re not encouraging Republicans to vote for actual Republicans, but given how poor their candidates are in Milwaukee County, that’s not surprising.

  2. Jake formerly of the LP says:

    It does say everything, Jason. And the “Democrat Party” reference is another example of first clASS behavior by these lowlifes.

    The Bunker boys are really a dying breed in the 414, aren’t they? No wonder it’s the only part of the metro area worth living in.

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