On August 8, Republican State Assembly candidate Molly McGartland, who’s vying to unseat incumbent Democratic State Rep. Christine Sinicki, filed a pre-primary campaign finance report (shown below) in which her campaign ended with a negative cash balance of $1,526.43. According to the report, McGartland’s campaign received $425 in contributions and then spent $2,407.09, resulting in the campaign having a negative balance of $1,526.43. As a result of that negative balance, McGartland was forced to loan her campaign $2,000 on August 4 in order to get the campaign’s cash balance back to a positive number.

While the $2,000 loan McGartland made to her campaign was not reported on the finance report below, it was noted as an additional comment on the Wisconsin Campaign Finance Information System website.

Here’s a copy of the Fall Pre-Primary report filed by Molly McGartland’s campaign.

Molly McGartland's fall pre-primary finance report

As you can see from the report, McGartland’s campaign owes $10,155 in outstanding loans, with those loans having come from McGartland herself. Considering McGartland still owes $11,534.43 to Marquette University – which has resulted in Marquette University receiving a judgment in court against McGartland – I can’t help but wonder how fiscally responsible it is for Molly McGartland to continue to loan her political campaign thousands of dollars instead of taking care of her outstanding personal financial obligations.

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One Response to Molly McGartland forced to loan campaign $2,000 after it ends up with negative balance

  1. douglas thompson says:

    Well we know she didn’t spend the money on a new slogan or yard signs.

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