I’ve posted this a couple of times previously, but I just wanted to remind you all that we here at Blogging Blue are raising money for our favorite candidates for elected office this year.

One of those candidates is someone who’s a great friend of Blogging Blue, Randy Bryce. a resident of Caledonia, Randy’s a union ironworker and Army veteran, and he’s running because he wants to stop the partisan games, attacks on veterans and job creation failures of the past few years. As a middle class union guy, Randy understands the struggles faced by Wisconsin’s middle class, and that’s why I’m confident if elected he’d fight every day for common sense solutions to the problems faced by middle class Wisconsinites.

In contrast, the two Republicans vying for the Senate seat in the 21st are in a race to prove their right-wing extremist credentials, and both have made it clear they’d serve as rubber stamps for Gov. Walker and his failed agenda.

If you’d like to learn more about Randy Bryce, you can check out his campaign website or his Facebook page.

If you haven’t already, I’d encourage you all to consider making a contribution, because there are some great candidates for office among Blogging Blue’s “Fourteen in ’14,” and they all deserve our help. You can click on the thermometer below to make a secure contribution via ActBlue.

Goal Thermometer

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2 Responses to Support Randy Bryce and the rest of Blogging Blue’s “Fourteen in ’14”

  1. John Casper says:

    Zach, thanks.

    I’ve been very impressed with Randy.

  2. Duane12 says:


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