The State of the Union just started, and I wanted to give you all an opportunity to share your thoughts.

Have at it!

EDIT: I’ll start out the discussion with this tweet summing up my thoughts on the Republican reaction to the very beginnings of President Obama’s speech.

7 Responses to A State of the Union open thread

  1. Jason Knoll says:

    Good progressive message; now I hope to see it come to fruition and carried further by the next liberal/progressive president. I especially liked the section on better politics and the need for civility. GOP spent most of foreign policy section tweeting about Hillary Clinton.

  2. The line of the night, which just happened to be unscripted.

  3. EmmaR says:

    Campaign on Progressive ideas, move to center-right as soon as you have legislative majorities, get shellacked in elections, reignite talk of Progressive ideas when up for re-election, move back to center-right, lose a second chamber, again propose Progressive policies when they can safely languish, set up your successor to campaign on Progressive ideas… lather, rinse, repeat. Of course nothing Progressive about TPP, Keystone, surveillance and drones but it’s all OK as he’s a Democrat.

  4. I’ll second what Emma wrote. Would have loved to heard this speech in 2009.

  5. AJ says:

    I think President Obama gave a great State of the Union address and brought forward some liberal ideas that no other President has before when it comes to sick leave and community college. Sure I can always find differences, but he should keep vetoing the Keystone unless the Republicans really give him everything else he proposed in his speech.

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