So 2015 is upon us.

I’ve got a busy day today, but I want to hear what’s on your mind(s).


5 Responses to It’s a new year open thread

  1. Jake formerly of the LP says:

    Read this interview with U.S. Rep Mark Pocan. I am damn glad he is my Congressman, and we upgraded in both the House and Senate with Baldwin replacing Kohl.

    “My takeaway from the election is that when we’re not afraid of who we are and who we’re fighting for, we do better. If we try to run to the center even more, you’re making no distinction about where your values are.”

    And here’s what Pocan says about (right-to) work-for-less.

    “The thing I’ve been talking to folks the most about is this right-to-work stuff.

    When you have this many attacks on workers, it has a cumulative effect and it’s going to be actually a worse business environment in Wisconsin. And I think that’s very dangerous….

    I think (unions and supporters of workers’ rights) should do everything they can to make people aware of what the real agenda is and how it’s bad for our economy and it’s bad for the image of Wisconsin.”

    If DPW officials talked like this, the GOP would be out of power real fast.

  2. Duane12 says:

    At this time of the year, with the joy of Xmas at an end and the unknown and uncertainty at the beginning of a new year, I feel somewhat anxious or fearful. And so I turn to music to allay my feelings. My favorite, In the Bleak Midwinter, is based upon a poem by Cristina Rossetti in the 1800’s. I find the music plaintive but the lyrics redemptive.

  3. EmmaR says:

    Streetcars are coming to Atlanta and I read elsewhere that Oklahoma City is also working on plans. Too bad if Wisconsin falls even further behind and blocks Milwaukee’s program.

    And here is an imperative read on a lack of military accountability and civilian connectedness leading to wasteful spending of our tax dollars, lost missions, and soldier deaths:

    Happy New Year!

  4. EmmaR says:

    And another right wing state falls behind:

    But it will all work out just fine in Wisconsin if we close our eyes and think happy thoughts, right?

  5. Duane12 says:

    I can hardly wait for Monday. I’ll be wearing my black armband all day.

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