But remember, Gov. Scott Walker is a fiscal “conservative.”

An analysis by the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau finds that Gov. Scott Walker’s budget would raise taxes and fees by $48 million.

The report released Monday also determines that Walker proposals to bolster tax collection would bring in nearly $125 million in additional revenue over the next two years.

I wonder what the ultra-conservatives who comprise the bulk of voters in the Republican presidential primaries will think of news Gov. Scott Walker raised taxes and fees here in Wisconsin by $48 million.

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4 Responses to Nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau: Gov. Walker budget raises taxes, fees by $48 million

  1. MaseMan says:

    What will they think? They’re just glad he busted down the unions. Nothing else matters to conservative voters here in Wisconsin. They enjoyed seeing their fellow citizens get hurt.

    Until they finally have their own pocketbooks hit, or see how the negative consequences of Walker’s policies directly impact them, they simply won’t care.

    • John Harper says:

      MaseMan, did the Liberals enjoy seeing their fellow citizens get hurt when the teachers unions were forcing taxpayers to pay double for their own private WEAC insurance.

      • nonquixote says:

        Show us the breakdown as to which teachers belonging to teachers’ unions were Republican teachers and which were Democratic teachers.

        Show us any tiny bit of specificity who the, “liberals and their fellow citizens,” being hurt were and what or whose statistics illustrate might illustrate any facts behind your ridiculous statement.

  2. Sue says:

    It depends on who’s bearing the brunt of the taxes and fees.

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