Apparently the governor is trying to strengthen his foreign policy credentials with another trip to Europe.

Where he should be is in drought ridden California. As that state continues to impose water use restrictions and experiments with sea water desalination, Wisconsin is still a safe water haven (well ignoring the DNRs lack of over sight of factory farm operations that is).

Maybe he should be sweet talking California companies to consider moving to Open for Business Wisconsin, where they don’t (yet) have to worry about a water crunch. A few of those hip high tech companies just might see the advantages! Well, except for our conservative state house maybe. Just sayin’

4 Responses to Walker Should Be Going to California Instead of Europe

  1. wisconsin Conservative digest says:

    Those nuts out there have to save themselves, they would never listen to Walker. They waset billions on that halfast train mess while they cant take showers. Nutty.

    • Ed Heinzelman says:

      Yeah, that’s the message, every one for themselves…and they might not like that we don’t have a half fast train!

  2. John Casper says:

    Ed, thanks, bullseye.

    “Millions of Gallons of Water Are Being Pumped out for the Worst Possible Reason”

    “…Yet, amidst California’s growing thirst, bottled water companies still seem to be pumping and packaging water from the San Bernardino National Forest … in California. How is it that a state so drought stricken can afford to pass water supplies to bottled water distributors? Simply put, they can’t (and possibly didn’t even know it was happening).

    A recent investigation in the Desert Sun found that Nestlé Waters North America has been pumping water from this pristine streams of this national forest with little to no oversight by the U.S. Forestry Services. While Nestlé has held the rights to extract water from this national park for years, their official permit to transport water from the stream to their bottling plant expired in 1988. …”

  3. Duane12 says:

    It appears the Con guy is acknowledging the early signs in California of global warming or climate change.

    Hopefully, Walker will wake up to a potential global disaster from advocates of fossil fuel such as the Koch brats and other unfettered and short-sighted capitalists.

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