Earlier today Fighting Bob Fest founder Ed Garvey announced his endorsement of Jeff Smith for Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Here’s a snippet from the press release.

Fighting Bob Fest founder Ed Garvey announced his support today for Jeff Smith’s candidacy to be the next State Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

In a statement, Garvey said:

“I think Jeff Smith is the candidate who will take the Democratic Party of Wisconsin out of the hands of the big dollar consultants and put it back where it belongs, in the hands of its members. If I was going to the convention in Milwaukee on June 6th Jeff would have my vote for State Party Chair.“

Garvey is a former Democratic candidate for both United States Senate and Governor of Wisconsin, and is the founder of Fighting Bob Fest, the largest annual gathering of progressives in the country.

“I’m really honored to have Ed’s endorsement “said Smith. “Over the last 35 years there’s been no greater champion of progressive principles and values in Wisconsin than Ed Garvey.“

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2 Responses to Ed Garvey endorses Jeff Smith for Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair

  1. Joe Kallas says:

    Normally I don’t put a lot of emphasis on endorsements, but Ed Garvey is a fighter and champion of the ‘little’ guy. I value Ed’s opinion.To me it is a big deal that he has endorsed Jeff Smith.

  2. One of my favorite Garvey moments was several years ago when he had his regular weekly show on our community radio station up north, WOJB. Public affairs director Eric Schubring had brought Russ Feingold onto the show and the three of them were talking politics, the upcoming 2010 election, etc. and Garvey praised Russ for defeating GOP US Senator Bob Kasten and helping to restore progressivism to Wisconsin’s congressional delegation, and Russ abruptly interrupted Garvey and said ” Well it was you who mortally wounded him, Ed. I just came back six years later and finished him off. ” Garvey, of course, ran against Kasten in 1986 and narrowly lost after Kasten ran despicable and false TV ads suggesting Garvey had swindled the NFL Players Association. Russ’ compliment and recognition produced the only moment I can ever remember that left Garvey near speechless.

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