This past Sunday weekly Milwaukee Journal Sentinel education columnist Alan Borsuk wrote a great column on the GOPs attempt to require all Wisconsin students to pass a civics test as a requirement for a high school diploma. This new requirement would apply to public, private, charter and voucher schools. It’s a great article and I recommend that everyone interested in education in Wisconsin read it.

But here is something near the end that really caught my eye:

As far as private schools, this would be the first time there would be a state-imposed graduation requirement.

So there are no state imposed graduation requirements for private schools…so when we see comparisons of graduation rates between private and public schools…we aren’t really comparing apples to apples? So private school graduation rates could be inflated? and not based on the same requirements as the public schools?

So once again we have separate but unequal?

5 Responses to Separate But UnEqual

  1. Duane12 says:

    We have an elected State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Where is his voice, action, outrage at the deception by the legislative un-educators?

    Drop him a line or two on your thoughts. Better yet demand that he pursue a legal challenge on Walker’s et al usurpation, corruption, and privatization of public schools in violation of Wisconsin’s Constitution.

    Hey Tony, What’s up?

  2. Duane12 says:

    “Ever’s statement on JFC budget action”

    Hey Tony, a “statement” doesn’t work with this crowd. Sue the bastards!

    • John Harper says:

      Yes SUE!!! Take more money from the students and pay lawyers!!! It worked with act 10. It also worked with voter ID. It will for sure work this time!!!

      • Ed Heinzelman says:

        Speaking of lawsuits…how did that Obamacare thing work out for our illustrious Sen. Johnson?

      • nonquixote says:

        @5/26 3:31 pm,

        Post your letters to the same effect here, that you sent to AG Schimel about support of guns and against same sex marriage as part of his joining WI into two national law suits. Not holding my breath.

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