It’s clear Gov. Scott Walker really, really wants to be president. It’s equally clear that he’ll say or do just about anything to further that goal, or in the case of South Carolina flying the Confederate flag above its statehouse, he’ll say or do absolutely nothing to win votes.

The Confederate flag stands for racism, slavery, intimidation, and treason, and the fact that Gov. Walker isn’t willing to take a stand on the issue of that flag flying above South Carolina’s statehouse the day after a racially-motivated terror attack sends a clear message that he’s not capable of leading this country, because being President of the United States means doing the morally right thing, even if it’s politically unpopular – not punting just to win some votes.

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4 Responses to Too afraid to anger South Carolina’s GOP primary voters, Scott Walker punts on Confederate flag issue

  1. Conslayer says:

    He is the JBS errand boy, you expect more? The conservative movement is Confederate ideology that has infected the rest of the country.

  2. John Casper says:

    Zach, thanks.


  3. Lon Newman says:

    It seems to me that Scott Walker is willing to buy this idea of honoring the South Carolinians who fought and died for the right to own slaves. I’m wondering how this fits with honoring the Wisconsinites who died to end it.

  4. Ted Spencer says:

    Good for you Scott Walker. That flag is a symbol of honer and how dare anyone let that
    murderer in Florida define our flag as a symbol that reflects his racist views.

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