During a recent interview with Laura Ingraham, Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker did a complete reversal on abortion, telling Ingraham that he doesn’t believe the final decision on whether a woman should have an abortion should be between the woman and her doctor.

Ingraham responded: “But you don’t believe — I just want to clarify this, governor … you don’t believe the final decision should be between a woman and her doctor—”

“No,” Walker replied.

So here in 2015, Gov. Scott Walker believes that the final decision on whether a woman should be able to receive an abortion shouldn’t be between a woman and her doctor, but back in 2014 when he was in a reelection campaign he ran an ad in which he said, “Hi, I’m Scott Walker. I’m pro-life,” he says. “But there’s no doubt in my mind the decision of whether or not to end a pregnancy is an agonizing one. That’s why I support legislation to increase safety and to provide more information for a woman considering her options. The bill leaves the final decision to a woman and her doctor.”

Here’s Walker’s ad from 2014.

At the rate he’s going, Scott Walker will have flip-flopped more during his presidential campaign than 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney could have ever managed to do, and that’s saying something. What’s more, Walker’s most recent statement that he doesn’t believe the final decision on abortion should be between a woman and her doctor leaves me wondering just who Walker believes the final decision should be left to.

Should it be left to Scott Walker, or will he designate some government bureaucrat to hover over women and their doctors in exam rooms with final say-so over the final decision?

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27 Responses to Scott Walker, circa 2015: the decision on abortion shouldn’t be between a woman and her doctor

  1. Duane12 says:

    Walker’s knuckle-dragging statement on women and abortion is unbelievable, extreme, ignorant, misogynistic, and just plain crazy.

    That does it; I’m supporting a more moderate, friend of women (except if Latino), GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump!

    • Franklin Johnson says:

      Who should be the final decision maker for how much a baby liver or heart sells for. Now that the honorable Planned Parenthood is being called out for the Barbary they have committed do you think the aborted baby should make the pricing decisions?

      Clearly president walker isn’t going to allow the sale of baby body parts… maybe trump will allow it!!!

      • nonquixote says:

        A couple of links please, from reliable sources which state unequivocally that partially formed organs from any aborted fetus have been sold or that such a practice is being considered in the future by the providers or the medical institution or the progenitors of that fetus. Otherwise take your crap claim and bury it.

        If you are going to reply to a comment, reply to at least some part of what the particular commentator said. I doubt you are even capable of understanding that concept.

        • Franklin Johnson says:

          You can’t be for real. The SENIOR DIRECTOR FOR MEDICAL SERVICES. DR DEBORAH NUCATOLA. is on TAPE DISCUSSING that very thing. Talking about techniques to turn the baby in order to preserve the organs that THEY ARE SELLING. you sir are pathetic to claim otherwise!

          • Nemo says:

            FJ: You are being to quick to condemn non. The tone of his comment suggests that he is appalled by such brutal and inhuman conduct. He’s obviously ignorant of the abortion industry’s role in it.

            non: Now that you’re aware of the barbarity of Planned Parenthood, do you continue to support their mission (supplying baby livers, hearts and heads to whoever wants ’em, among other things)?

            • nonquixote says:

              Take it a bit more off topic as you usually do. The topic is Walker saying one thing prior to the election last year and saying something totally opposite to that prior comment in his presidential primary mode.

              Your sock puppet alias took it off topic and here you are to play along. Not surprised.

              • Nemo says:

                “sock puppet alias”, wrong again sunshine. While I like what FJ has to say here, I am not not FJ.

                I will help FJ and supply you with a link.

                I urge you not to look to deeply into it though. It’s very sad and sick making.

                On a superficial level, I can see where FJ’s comment could be considered off topic. Since you don’t seem to grasp its subtlety, I’ll explain. As new information on the inhuman nature of this crime comes out, thinking, moral men such as our Governor, will change their position to reflect this. It’s the difference between have an ideology and being an ideologue.

                But again, I am not FJ and may be reading into his remarks my own opinions. If I’m wrong FJ, correct me.

                -Nemo, “I know what I know, if you know what I mean”

          • nonquixote says:

            Only wanted a couple links, not your opinion about me, and you don’t have one and you are definitely confusing a baby with a fetus. There is a significant difference as has already been noted.

            You’ve been following this blog long under another alias or just guessing as to my gender?

            • Franklin Johnson says:

              You just went on a half page diatribe concerning the living wage, DNR welfare, and Healthcare but NOW YOU claim I’m off topic. Oh ok I got it.

              And if you need a link to understand that they were selling baby organs you are incompentant.

              Funny how people call them fetuses and fetal tissue but the medical director Caught on tape discussing the selling of babies organs reffers to them as heart lung brain ect.

  2. ® Steve says:

    Liberalism is gruesome and deadly. It’s tax payer funded body parts for profit scam has been finally proven.

    Shame on liberalism for putting the selfish wants of the woman in front of the needs of the child.

  3. nonquixote says:

    Scott Walker is NOT pro-life by any definition of the term. Denying LIVING wages and benefits to laborers, denying more affordable health care to working and non-working poor, obstructing affordable health care to seniors, cutting scientific evaluation of pollution through the DNR and reducing environmental standards for corporate donors intentionally destructive to human health, gutting protections to the public trust doctrine state resources, water and air and speaking out of the other side of his mouth stated he is ready to put boots on the ground in the ME to show what a real bully he can be. While distributing taxpayer funds to companies that use it to ship jobs out of the state he wilfully wishes to obstruct life-saving UC benefits to those whom his fiscal, “policy,” has directly harmed is completely irresponsible and immediately life threatening to those affected.

    Scott Walker is a theocratic dictator

    • Franklin Johnson says:

      Hey!!!! SENIOR MEDICAL DIRECTOR FOR PLANNED PARENTHOOD IS ON TAPE DISCUSSING THE SELLING OF BABY ORGANS, ARMS, LEGS, AND HEADS. You can’t seriously claim otherwise. Pull your head out of your … and see the FACTS.

      It is sick that you would deny this. SICK

      • nonquixote says:

        Apparently you don’t understand the concept of replying to something another commentator has stated when you choose to reply to any individual’s particular comment. My comment was about Scott Walker’s supposed pro-life stance. A complete lie from the governor compulsive liar-in-chief wanna-be. Argue against that idea with that particular comment of mine. You can’t so your attempted misdirection from my point is clear.

        • Duane12 says:

          Of course, non, you are right on if you will excuse the term; this topic is about abortion and Walker’s flip flop and interference with a woman’s right in making her health decisions. It is NOT about organ donation.

          • Franklin Johnson says:

            Don’t you mean

            “nondescript fetal tissue donation”

            Perhaps “nondescript fetal tissue disection and then wholesaling”

          • Franklin Johnson says:

            Don’t you mean

            “nondescript fetal tissue donation”

            Perhaps “nondescript fetal tissue disection and then wholesaling”

            How about this. Prior to the knowledge of planned Parenthood harvesting and then selling organs they claimed abortion was nothing other than removing a clump of cells from a woman’s body. Is t it false advertis I ng then to sell those clumps as actual organs, heart, lungs and liver? How could it possibly be considered a baby lung or baby heart if it was never a baby? Weird

  4. MaseMan says:

    Here I was left scratching my head as to why suddenly right wingers all over the place were taking the “body parts sale” angle on abortion both here and on Twitter, and also another forum I frequent…well, gee, I must be Sherlock Holmes because I figured out why very quickly:

    This was posted just yesterday morning:


    The Republican astroturfers in this state sure do work in lockstep with Charlie Sykes!

    • Jake formerly of the LP says:

      They have an.entire apparatus to.catapult the propaganda (and outright lies, like this Planned Parenthood non-story), and the dead-end rubes are only too willing to buy in.

      They must be smashed, and not allowed to get up. The BS they’re trying to spin around John Doe’s money-laundering is other example

      • Frankin Johnson says:

        Planned Parenthood has admitted to the harvesting of the organs. Of course now that their evil has been exposed they are trying to walk back their own MEDICAL DIRECTORS comments.

        Not quite sure how pointing out FACTS is an outright lie but OK.

      • Franklin Johnson says:

        “Outright lies, like this Planned Parenthood non-story”

        Ok I understand. Their Medical Director caught on film discussing methods to extract and sell FOR PROFIT baby organs is a non-story and an outright LIE.


        At least we understand where you are coming from on this one. I suppose Hitler and his minions didn’t exterminate Jews by the millions.

    • Duane12 says:

      To avoid getting their hands bloody, this is the pro-lifer’s way to motivate their assassins of doctors and their clinic bombers and arsonists to do their dirty work.

      • Jake formerly of the LP says:

        100% correct Duane. Just like with race-baiting talk show hosts and politicians that went “Who, us?” when Dyllan Flood takes it to the next level in Charleston and kills 9 people in a hate crime.

        And we know trolls like Franklin and Nemo and Denis don’t really care about unborn children or the society fallout from banning abortion. They’re just arrogant people tying to use their religion as a shield of self-superiority. And us in the empathetic, thinking world have had just about enough of their act.

  5. Denis Navratil says:

    “What’s more, Walker’s most recent statement that he doesn’t believe the final decision on abortion should be between a woman and her doctor leaves me wondering just who Walker believes the final decision should be left to.”

    So to whom should the abortion decision be left? Let us not kid ourselves about the doctors involvement. If the doctor opposes the abortion option, the woman can simply get another doctor who will agree with her.

    Instead perhaps we should involve the cluster of cells, er baby, who clearly has more at stake than even the mother. Of course the baby is unable to articulate his/her interests in surviving or donating her tiny body parts to researchers and what not.

    So perhaps a cell cluster advocate could be part of the process. The CCA could weigh the interests of survival, becoming a full grown adult, etc… against human nature’s competing interest in having one’s body parts ripped to shreds, skull crushed etc… for the benefit of mankind.

    Or perhaps a panel of experts could weigh in. We could even call it a life/death panel.

    • nonquixote says:

      You copy the quote from the article and then open your comment by incorrectly re-stating that very same quote by leaving out the clear reference to WHAT IS WALKER’S REAL TAKE on this issue, and the FACT that WALKER IS LYING NOW OR WAS LYING with his previous version of HIS stance on the issue of abortion.

      So, to the point of the question that you took the time to copy and paste, Walker has proven he is a LIAR once again, in spite your attempted misdirection and off-topic drivel about your apparent personal religious-like beliefs on the issue. The topic is NOT about religious or humanitarian beliefs.

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