Responding to rumors he’s planning a run for governor in 2018, Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele dismissed those rumors in a report by the Associated Press.

Democratic Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele said Thursday he “definitely” will not be running for governor in 2018, putting to bed rumors that he was considering mounting a bid after hiring a prominent party official.

Abele told The Associated Press he felt compelled to deny speculation he might run so it wouldn’t impair his ability to work with both Democrats and Republicans in Milwaukee. Abele also is running for a second term as county executive next year.

To me, Abele’s concern about speculation on his future plans impairing his ability to work with both Democrats and Republicans seems more geared towards Republicans. After all, Abele has collaborated with Republicans to pass legislation weakening the County Board of Supervisors, giving Abele the ability to take over Milwaukee Public Schools as he sees fit, and giving Abele a shiny new arena for the billionaire owners of the Milwaukee Bucks, so it makes sense that he wouldn’t want to risk alienating those legislators who’ve been his most reliable allies.

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4 Responses to Chris Abele says he won’t be running for governor in 2018

  1. Wisconsin Conservative digest says:

    We are leading the draft” Gwen Moore” movement.

  2. Sue says:

    Also, by that time both parties will be warning everyone what happens when you elect a Milwaukee County Executive to the governor’s office.

  3. WiscoJoe says:

    Isn’t Ron Kind pretty much a lock?

    • Wisconsin Conservative Digest says:

      KInd is too lazy and Abele is liar. No one will elect a democrat from Milwaukee especially after the Bucks deal.

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