Really? This is the most pressing issue facing the state today that Madison needs to address it posthaste?

First: Is this really an issue? Ahead of jobs, infrastructure maintenance, etc?
Second: Shouldn’t the elected school boards have control of this IF they deem it an issue?
Third: If Washington imposed this on Madison, they’d be screaming federal overreach and states’ rights. What happened to local control?

And apparently the actual legislation was provided by the Alliance Defending Freedom…some freedom huh?

There’s not a lick of original thought left in the GOP caucus…lucky they get their own private restrooms…might be kinda tricky otherwise all things considered!

One Response to GOP Wants Gender-specific Restroom Law

  1. This just cements what any rational person already knew….the GOP is afraid of anyone who doesn’t fit into a narrow little box when it comes to gender, sexual orientation, and race.

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