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  1. lufthase says:

    Lost in the shuffle of WIGOP trying to blow up the GAB and campaign finance laws is AB389

    It allows for online voter registration (which is nice), but there’s a whole bunch of other stuff coming along for the ride, including:
    – Banning Special Registration Deputies. So, if you’ve got a drivers license and internet access, registering to vote becomes a bit easier. If you lack either of these, it gets a whole lot tougher.
    – Absentee ballots will only count if they’re received by 8pm on election day. It’s always been that it needed to be postmarked by election day. This will cross some folks up.
    – Some weird language about voting machines not needing to be compliant with federal Election Assistance Commission guidelines… almost like they already have voting equipment in mind that doesn’t currently pass muster.

    It’s got some Dem co-sponsors too. Keep an eye on this one.

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