Let’s revisit State Representative Jesse Kremer’s proposed legislation that would allow people to carry concealed weapons in public university and college buildings. Previous legislation already permits concealed carry in the public areas of college campuses.

Supposedly, Rep. Kremer’s motivation is the ‘violent environment’ around the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee campus:

Kremer said he began working on the bill after seeing reports of increasing numbers of violence targeting UW-Milwaukee students in the areas surrounding campus. Currently, students need to leave their guns in their vehicles or at home, Kremer said, making them vulnerable targets on campus and in the surrounding areas.

“Crime is on the rise around the campus, and there is nothing stopping them because these students walking to campus are disarmed,” Kremer said. “This will allow students the right to protect themselves.”

But apparently Rep. Kremer is working from news items and hearsay:

UWM spokesman Tom Luljak said university officials believe the campus area is safer due to increased patrols by campus and city police. He said he is not aware of Kremer speaking to anyone in the campus administration.

Obviously the rationale for this law is totally bogus…changing the law for all UW campuses based on a perceived issue near one is certainly overkill…if it’s a Milwaukee issue make it a Milwaukee Solution!

Which brings up the next issue…students can already conceal carry in their neighborhoods…just not in Campus buildings…just sayin’

And next if the neighborhood is truly the issue…what is your solution for the people who live in the neighborhood? What is your solution for the people who work in the neighborhood? What is your solution for the business owners with businesses in the neighborhood. Shouldn’t we work to solve issues in the entire neighborhood…not a really dangerous limited solution that essentially solves nothing. Yeah, I get it, he’d like to arm them all!

Which brings us back to Did Scott Walker Kill Over 110 Milwaukeeans This Year (which is 118 as of this writing). Let’s commit to solving the murder and crime issues in Milwaukee period!

Simply put Rep. Kremer isn’t solving an issue…he is just expanding fear and loathing and the reach of gun and ammo manufacturers without concern for real public safety.

For my earlier thoughts on Rep. Kremer: New Mr. Obvious Among Our GOP in Madison

2 Responses to Kremer To Allow Concealed Carry In Campus Buildings Because of UWM

  1. Ed Heinzelman says:

    Some thoughts on guns in campus buildings from Jessica McBride at OnMilwaukee.com:


    and from educators at Marquette, UWM and MSOE:


  2. Duane12 says:

    The gun lobby and their gun violence legislative.enablers such as Kremer are paid betrayers of the second greatest commandment “…love your neighbor as your self…”
    Or did Jesus get it wrong?

    Worse, their solution (Kremer et al) is to arm everyone without reasonable qualification and safeguards and shoot first. In other words, such as Kremer permits arming the mentally disturbed and other troubled in order to ensure the innocent must arm themselves.

    The financial winners: gun manufacturers, distributors, Kremer and his kind.

    The Losers: All of a civilized society, especially the innocent victims and their families.

    “Oh the humanity!”

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