It’s been exactly one week since I called out President Obama for putting troops in harm’s way in Syria.

And already his main minion in the Department of Defense, Secretary Ash Carter, is suggesting that the US is ready to put more troops in Syria:

Just days after the White House announced that President Obama had authorized the deployment of a small contingent of special operations forces to the war-torn country of Syria, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter said more American troops could “absolutely” be sent into the country if the United States can find more “capable” local forces to partner with in the fight against ISIS.

“If we find additional groups that are willing to fight ISIL and are capable and motivated, we’ll do more. The president has indicated a willingness to do more, I certainly am prepared to recommend he do more, but you need to have capable local forces; that’s the key to sustainable victory,” Carter told ABC News’ Bob Woodruff this week during an interview aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt in the South China Sea.

He just can’t seem to ramp up the illegal war there fast enough…get the flock out NOW!

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3 Responses to Obama Can’t Ramp Up The War in Syria Fast Enough!

  1. Waukesha Blue says:

    Who likes war? Not me. However, are we supposed to sit by and let ISIS flourish? Are we supposed to let al-Assad continue to murder the citizens of his country? It’s easy to shout “get the flock out NOW” without offering any real solutions to the problem. So, Ed what do you propose? I’m not condoning more troops but how do you suggest we handle ISIS and al-Assad without further involvement?

    • nonquixote says:

      The Russians have a solution, as Barry scrambles to justify anything the CIA/USA has attempted to do to take control of Syria. Their solution and I agree, protect Assad for the time being.

      The CIA has haphazardly attempted to arm and support various “rebel,” factions (now being labeled as “insurgents,” for a bit more US media approval) and has succeeded only in aiding and abetting various forms and and morphing factions of IS, even putting US advisors on the ground to essential fight for them.

      Further studies of any evidence of chemical warfare is pointing to three sporadically CIA backed factions of IS, rebels or insurgents and none of it is pointing to the Assad regime anymore.

      This is our elitist, US hegemony meddling in the affairs of other nations at the behest of multi-national corporate profiteers. Time to extract ourselves is now.

  2. Duane12 says:

    On the subject, thanks to all the veterans for their service on this special day reserved for them.

    And bless and keep my grandson, Pete, in the active military.

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