Travel alerts from the US State Department have caused the Milwaukee Public Schools to cancel any foreign travel for school students. Specifically the warnings urged people to avoid large crowds…which of course would be at sites that would attract student tourists. Well here’s the rationale:

MPS spokesman Tony Tagliavia said Tuesday that the ban affects a half-dozen student trips. The destinations of planned trips include Denmark, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and Canada.

He said the district was moved to cancel the trips because the State Department alert specifically urged travelers to avoid large crowds.

“When you look at these student trips, they inherently involve going to places where there are large crowds — museums, houses of government,” he said. “It was really difficult to imagine how you would put together a trip like that within the confines of the alert.”

MPS also will evaluate out-of-state trips on a case-by-case basis and has banned all trips to Washington, D.C., through the end of the year. However, none had been scheduled, Tagliavia said.

Don’t look now but most school buildings attract large crowds of people on an almost daily basis…and based on the history of mass shootings in the liberally armed United States…my feelings say you have a higher risk of being shot in an American school than in the Louvre or Westminster Abbey…

P.S. Recently an Australian member of Parliament suggested that they issue a travel advisory about violence in the United States…and he wasn’t kidding all that much.

This popped up on JSOnline while I was working out this post:

A Milwaukee lawmaker is blasting Milwaukee Public Schools for canceling all planned international trips over security concerns, saying the move only emboldens terrorists and suggesting that students face greater risks in some neighborhoods of the city.

“Did MPS ban travel to NYC or major American cities after September Il?” state Rep. Josh Zepnick asked board members in a letter dated Wednesday. (It did, according to the district.)

“Has MPS ever banned student activities in Milwaukee neighborhoods plagued by gun violence and other illegal street activity?”

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