I didn’t see the ballots for Milwaukee Aldermanic District #8…but did mayoral candidate Bob Donovan run as Robert Donovan to keep his seat in the 8th?

I have seen it reported that way on two different local media sites…how odd.

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  1. Jill says:

    What’s so odd about it? It is entirely legal to run for more than one office at a time. Furthermore, there is no requirement (on the Nomination for Candidacy form that prospective candidates fill out to declare their candidacy) to use their formal name, their common name, or any other name. Indeed, the candidate can choose whatever name they wish to have listed on the ballot. There’s also no requirement for them to use the same name if they run for more than one office. http://www.gab.wi.gov/sites/default/files/gab_forms/3/gab_162_declaration_of_candidacy_rev_2014_04_fil_18905.pdf

    The only odd thing would be to use a name that absolutely no one knows him by.

    • Ed Heinzelman says:

      As a former candidate and an active political blogger…I understand that one can currently run for more than one elected position at a time and that one can select how your name can appear on the ballot…what I found odd was using two different versions of his name on the same ballot. And usually a candidate likes to use the name they are generally known by in business and in the media…which would be Bob Donovan.

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