Today is the spring primary election day here in Wisconsin. There are a number of really important races (WI Supreme Court, Milwaukee County Executive) with primaries, so don’t forget to do your civic duty and vote.

And don’t forget that you’re going to need a valid I.D. in order to vote thanks to Republican efforts to make it harder for citizens to vote.

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2 Responses to Do your duty – VOTE!

  1. GuyFromWI says:

    I’d love for the voters to send a strong message to Gov. Walker by rejecting his hand picked appointee, but I somehow doubt they will. It would have been nice to see and hear some ads for the two others to balance out all the dark money ads for Bradley.

    • Jake formerly of the LP says:

      Even with all that dark money and no local election in Dane County, Bradley can’t clear 50% in a low-turnout primary. Kloppenburg won a lot of counties outright this evening without making a major effort.

      They have to be quaking big-time at Bradley Foundation/WisGOP headquarters tonight. The people are just about ready to say “NO MORE!” to this corrupt crew.

      Let’s make it so over the next 7 weeks.

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