Please remember: when you go to the polls this Tuesday, you will need to show acceptable photo ID in order to vote. Here is the link to the GAB graphic that is shown below:

WI Voter IDS

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20 Responses to Valid IDs for Voting In the Wisconsin Primary On Tuesday February 16th

  1. S says:

    If you’re already registered but forget ID/yours doesn’t conform, *cast a provisional ballot*. That buys you until Friday to sort out the ID situation with your Clerk.

  2. Cynthia Barnes says:

    Tribal IDs from tribes based in Wisconsin are ok. Tribal IDs from out of state tribes are questionable. My County Clerk was unsure whether he could accept mine from Kansas, and I phoned the GAB to discuss it.

    • Rachel says:

      The statute reads, “An identification card issued by a federally recognized Indian tribe in this state.” Seems pretty clear that a tribal ID from a tribe not located in Wisconsin is, unfortunately, not valid.

  3. Rhonda says:

    It does not have to be a WI drivers license! Just valid!

  4. Joanne Brown says:

    I asked Mary Beth Witzel (Madison City Clerk) about tribal IDs from tribes out of Wisconsin. She indicated they would be valid.

  5. Laurie says:

    The primary is APRIL 5TH, not Feb 16. What is going on here?

  6. Laurie Detviler says:

    This is wrong! The primaryfor Wisconsin is April 5th!

    • Sue says:

      Laurie, on February 16 we decide who will be on the ballot for other races on April 5. It’s a primary and the time, for instance, when we trim down the candidates for Wisconsin Supreme Court from three candidates to two.
      On April 5 one of the things we decide is who will be on the presidential ballot for November, but that’s just one of the items on that ballot.
      The election in April is called the spring election and presidential preference vote. So, it’s both a spring election (for state and local races) and a primary (for the election in November).

  7. Brian says:

    About Frickin Time!!!

  8. Ed Heinzelman says:

    This is a little bit unnerving. I would have thought readers of Blogging Blue were just a little bit more plugged into politics than what is apparent here.

    Yes, the partisan presidential primaries in Wisconsin will be held April 5th along with the spring general elections for many state, county and municipal elections.

    BUT this Tuesday, February 16th are Wisconsin primaries for contested seats at the state, county and municipal levels.

    For me in my home district, the biggest ones are Wisconsin State Supreme Court, Milwaukee County Executive and Milwaukee Mayor. And there are a lot of other races including a number of aldermanic districts in the city of Milwaukee.

    I urge everyone of you to check the GAB site, your local election commission site, and all of the media that you can digest between now and tomorrow to determine what races are being contested in your district AND then go out an vote.

    Don’t be that guy or gal who only shows up every four years to vote for president.

  9. Duane12 says:

    What, no tattoos accepted?

  10. Sheila Shigley says:

    They would NOT let me vote today with my UW ID. Reason given: A student/staff ID “must expire within 2 yrs to be valid.”

    • Rachel says:

      Yes, that is the law. For this reason (and others), UW Madison WisCards are not acceptable for voter ID. Students can go to the WisCard office and get an ID that does meet the requirements for free. Remember that proof of enrollment must also be accompanied by the ID

  11. GuyFromWI says:

    Someone pointed out to me today that veteran IDs are not accepted. That seems odd, and a bit unpatriotic.

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