In their first approval of a nominee of President Obama since retaking the majority in the Senate, the Senate Banking Committee led by Alabama Republican Richard Shelby confirmed Adam Szubin to a post in the Treasury Department.

I am not sure what the total elapsed time from appointment to confirmation was but hearings were held mid-September 2015. But here are some of the doozy reasons that the majority party couldn’t confirm him earlier:

The committee’s chairman, Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Ala., had delayed action on Szubin’s and all other nominations before his panel, stubbornly refusing to act until winning his re-election primary last week. It’s the panel’s first confirmation vote since Republicans regained control of the chamber last year.

Seriously? The chair had to wait until he finished campaigning? Or was it a case of waiting until the people could voice their opinion at the polls?

The committee approved Szubin’s nomination on a 14-8 vote that reflected sweeping GOP opposition to President Barack Obama’s controversial nuclear deal with Iran, which involves the lifting of sanctions on the longtime U.S. adversary.

And because the Republicans don’t like the Iran deal, they held up an appointment at Treasury?

“I think he’s a nice man, and he’s obviously well-educated and qualified for a lot of jobs, probably that,” Shelby said after the vote. “But the policies he’d have to carry out, a lot of us oppose them.”

So because you don’t agree with policies, you don’t let the man have the job? You do understand how this works? SOMEONE in Treasury is carrying out these policies whether Mr. Szubin is there or not…but wouldn’t it be nice to make sure the person in charge is identified and qualified…which the committee actually admitted?

Naw…just the continued flat out obstruction of the President’s administration again and again and again.


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