Al Jazeera America’s David Schuster had an exclusive story yesterday, reporting that Hillary Clinton will be questioned by the FBI sometime in the next few days or weeks.

Keep this in mind when thinking about the November election: Bernie Sanders is the only democrat in the race who is/was not the subject of an FBI investigation.

14 Responses to Hillary Clinton will be questioned by the FBI within days/weeks.

  1. WetWater says:

    Hilary for Prison 2016

    Liberals are pathological liars.

    • Phillip says:

      Your intellect is on par with Einstein. There, your point is correct…lol

    • John Casper says:


      1. Who is “Hilary?”

      2. From what medical school did you graduate?

      3. Is Scooter Libby a liberal?

      “Bush commutes Libby’s prison sentence”

    • Socialmedic says:

      Seems to me “Trickle Down Theory” was a pretty damn big lie. Clintons approved NAFTA and accepted the eradication of Dodd-Frank, but those were lies perpetrated by the Republicans in the first place. You can blame the Clinton’s for being corrupt, but when they were most corrupt, they were doing exactly what the Republican party wanted them to do.

  2. GuyFromWI says:

    I have to think if something was going to come from this, it would have by now. Note that I don’t plan to vote for her in the primary, either.

    • Steve Carlson says:

      GuyfromWisco, large scale investigations take time, especially in the middle of a presidential election. Given what we know, it seems likely someone will be charged. Whether or not it’s Hillary remains to be seen.

  3. Cat Kin says:

    Not surprised that the progressive Wisconsin electorate is being led down the primerose path again. All that hard work by President Obama being snuffed by a socialist Zionist who promises what people most want to hear without caring that the votes to get it all done will not be there.

    Just don’t let Scottie get a third term.

    I realize most progressives are upset with the president because he didn’t shut down Wall Street after the debacle eight years ago, or at least send a lot of brokers to jail. Think a minute! Wall Street, along with the Wisconsin farmer, are the two rare profitable exports this country has.

    Then there’s The Affordable Healthcare Act that kept this country from going into the toilet economically, while keeping the Insurance Companies solvent, the only ones with the expertise and motive to check on the healthcare industry…an industry that creates more bankruptcies and insolvent families than any other in America. No. Progressives want a “single payer” plan that will put the government squarely in charge of an industry that is so progressive and important that it gets away with double digit inflation every year.

    Then there’s the hysterical fear of TTP, the lack of which will cut Wisconsin famers, the best in the world, out of many profitable overseas markets. I hate to say it but there are not many Progressives in Wisconsin who have the brains to use relavant information as does President Obama, and that includes Bernie Sanders.

    And speaking of Sanders, how does any Progressive give even tacet approval of Israel’s genocide against the Palestinian people?

  4. Robin says:

    I had read that they were winding down the investigation. Hypocrisy has no bounds. The following people used private email addresses to carry on state or federal business – Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, some of Chris Christie’s administration, Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal. Jeb Bush, just like Clinton had his own server. Before Mitt Romney left as Governor, his office purchased 17 state-issued hard drives and wiped computers and servers clean because they contained email records. And, let us not forget that the Bush/Cheney White House lost millions of important emails that the media did not pursue.
    Some of Clinton’s critics say the public won’t be able to see the emails she deleted that she said were personal and many of them had private accounts that also did the same and will receive no scrutiny.

    • Robin,

      Clear your head. Every example you’ve given is of an unscrupulous, some think war criminal (Bush/Cheney), republican. I realize you’re trying to mount a defense. Not sure you’re succeeding.

      • Robin says:

        Perhaps I did not make myself clear. I said nothing about Clinton’s actions as to being scrupulous or not. I was talking hypocrisy because of all her critics that talk as if this is a one-off, when in fact, many people have done exactly what she has done. I believe, that Republicans are trying to make it sound as if this was never done. The National Law Journal said she “obeyed the law” – that there was no blanket prohibition from using personal email accounts to conduct gov’t. business. The State Dept. said there were no indications she had improperly used email for classified info. Any emails found to be classified were designated after the fact. Even Colin Powell and Condi Rice used private accounts and he said as much to the FBI. He also said they changed some of his emails to classified years after the fact. Congress amended the Federal Records Act & the Presidential Records Act 21 months after Clinton left office in Nov. 2014.
        I am not trying to mount any defense of her, just the facts as they have come out so far.
        To clear your head about my position. I am a Democrat and have many problems with the Clinton’s. From his welfare law with the Republicans, NAFTA and pointing his finger in our faces and saying “I never had sexual relations with that women”. I have problems with her too because I think both are them are corporate Democrats. I plan on voting for Bernie Sanders in the primary. Have I made myself clear yet?

  5. John Casper says:

    A little off topic, Milwaukee icon, Vel Phillips just endorsed Sen. Sanders.

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