It took Governor Walker, what? Three weeks to appoint his pet jurist to fill the Wisconsin State Supreme Court vacancy…a vacancy that didn’t need filling…particularly with someone who was an announced candidate…but we shouldn’t fill a US Supreme Court vacancy for 11 months? WTF?

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  1. John Casper says:

    Ed, thanks.

    If you’re a conservative, “individual responsibility,” doesn’t matter.

    “Bradley extramarital affair, role in child placement surface”

    “In September 2004, Bradley began representing Bednall in an ongoing child placement dispute with Bednall’s ex-wife, Laura Bednall. The case was in Waukesha County Circuit Court, with Judge Michael O. Bohren presiding.

    The ex-wife in January 2005 sought to have Bradley removed from the case because of her relationship with Bednall and contacts with his son, in particular, who was then 16. Michael J. Finn, the attorney serving as a guardian ad litem for Bednall’s son, supported that request, saying in an affidavit that Bradley was close enough to the son to have exchanged Christmas gifts with him.

    “The extent of her friendship (with Bednall) and the involvement of her relationship with the children vis-à-vis the ‘friendship’ would ethically preclude her ability to be advocate counsel for Mr. Bednall in this matter,” Finn wrote.

    Bradley responded with her January 2005 affidavit in which she said she had known Bednall for more than four years, going back to a time when Bradley was still married and Bednall was not.

    Bradley and her husband, Gordon Bradley, jointly filed for divorce in April 2004, and it was finalized in October 2004.”

  2. Duane12 says:

    Have we ever had an unfaithful spouse on the Supreme Court ? I know we currently have a Justice who allegedly covered up child abuse by a priest as I recall. I suppose one could say that diversity is a good thing on our highest court. NOT!

    Other comments elsewhere:

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