This has nothing to do with politics or Wisconsin or Milwaukee or nothing. It is a cultural absurdity that I found amusing this morning.

After 120 Years, Cinema Has Finally Achieved Its Full Potential, With the Help of Dire Straits

It can take a long time for humanity to figure out the best use for a new technology. Hedy Lamarr imagined the radio-frequency–hopping technology she invented would be used for torpedoes, not cell phones. The Internet was around for 30 years before it changed the world forever. And now, 120 years after their first public exhibition, Peter Salomone has perfected motion pictures. As is so often the case, the secret turned out to be Dire Straits.

Salomone is the mad scientist behind the Walk of Life Project, a rigorous experiment designed to test a simple hypothesis: “‘Walk of Life’ by Dire Straits is the perfect song to end any movie.” Although his research is in its infancy, the results have been undeniable.

Click the link to see the enhanced films!

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