Watch as Republican Congressman Glenn Grothman admits that the voter ID scheme passed into law by Wisconsin’s Republican-controlled Legislature will help Republicans win Wisconsin in November’s presidential election.

While anyone with half a brain knew Republican efforts to implement voter ID laws were intended with one purpose – to disenfranchise voters who typically voted for Democrats – I will admit it’s refreshing to hear a Republican like Glenn Grothman to admit what we already knew.

One Response to VIDEO: Republican Rep. Glenn Grothman admits voter ID law meant to disenfranchise Democratic voters

  1. GuyFromWI says:

    Does it really matter though, at this point? No amount of hand wringing is going to change the fact that the Democratic Party in this state can’t win statewide in non presidential elections anymore. Grothman is only stating what most already know and are apparently fine with in Wisconsin.

    Obama isn’t going to strike down Voter-ID and gerrymandering. Right wing talk radio isn’t going to be banned in Milwaukee. Out of state donor money is going to continue pouring into Wisconsin. Maybe it’s time to get used to the new reality before the DPW is akin to Democratic state parties throughout the South.

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