No, I am not talking about the personal email servers used by the last three former Secretaries of State…I am talking about those email issues on Capitol Hill!

Yahoo Mail has been blocked until further notice by Congress due to a surge in ransomware attacks levied against the House.

As reported by Gizmodo, an email was sent to House of Representatives staff members explaining the move, blaming a surge in cyberattacks against the House as the main reason.

Specifically, ransomware is at fault. Ransomware is a breed of malware which infects systems, encrypts files and attempts to extract a ‘fee’ out of victims in return for a key which decrypts their files and restores system functionality.

So problems with ransomeware related to the use of personal email accounts is prevalent on the Hill…who would possibly consider using one…I mean considering the hacking dangers and all [sarcasm]…yet here is conclusive proof that just such activities are widespread.

And I don’t doubt that there isn’t government business being done with those accounts…given how many Reps and Senators and staffers are in the Capitol.

Wouldn’t it be nice to request a list of electeds who are using Yahoo Mail?

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