As the debate continues around the fait accompli of the Milwaukee street car…it is interesting that Tucson AZ stole about 200 engineering jobs from Caterpillar’s South Milwaukee plant…and in order to convince engineers to accept a relocation to Tucson…what was one of the first things Caterpillar showed them?

Caterpillar Inc. employees in South Milwaukee have already been shown a streetcar map of downtown Tucson, and this week they will learn more about the southern Arizona city where some of them could be living as early as this year (emphasis mine).

BTW: Where is Governor Jobs on all of this?

3 Responses to Now About Those Street Cars Anyway!

  1. GuyFromWI says:

    Maybe like the high speed rail line that Walker rejected, the supporters of this project should do a better job selling it, how it will work, and the benefits. Just saying, “We’re going to do this and it will be good for the area,” isn’t really an effective argument.

  2. Gregory says:

    I was reading and find the issue of interest. But in a humorous vein I need to ask if Wisconsin were to add 200 jobs from another state would we term that stealing them, too? States use incentives of many types to lure workers and companies—we both know all that. But should that work and the results of it be called stealing?

    • Ed Heinzelman says:

      Yes, if Wisconsin had done the same thing to Arizona, I would call that stealing. There really is no advantage to giving money away to convince someone to move jobs from one state to another. That’s not job creation…it is job stealing.

      Opening new markets to sell Wisconsin made items, developing new companies, etc…creates jobs. Stealing jobs from another state is usually called a zero sum game…but it’s actually a negative sum game because it took incentives to make that move.

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