According to a report in The Daily Call, Myron Buchholz, who’s challenging incumbent Democrat Ron Kind in the Third Congressional District, was arrested on April 16 as part of the Democracy Spring protests. Those protests were held to bring attention to the legalized corruption of big money in politics.

“Before I was arrested on April 16th along with 200 people for refusing to leave the capitol steps during the Democracy Spring uprising the crowd chanted, “Whose House, Our House.” It turns out we were wrong for the time being. Presently the House is owned by a few corporations and wealthy people and it will stay that way until our present system is brought under control. As a candidate, frequently the first question I am asked is, ‘How much money do you have.’ That explains much about the makeup of our present congress. It is not about positions on major issues, it is all about the money and that is wrong.”

Here’s some video of Buchholz’s arrest.

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