Tonight Speaker of the House Paul Ryan proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that when faced with the opportunity to do the right and moral thing on behalf of his constituents and all those Americans who want to see common sense gun control legislation, he’d rather stand firmly on the side of the NRA, gun manufacturers, domestic violence offenders, those who engage in mass shootings, and criminals who engage in hate crimes.

When faced tonight with the opportunity to do the right and moral thing and say enough is enough in regards to gun violence and mass shootings, Paul Ryan instead showed his complete and utter lack of courage, character, and honor. Instead of calling for a vote on common sense gun control legislation, Paul Ryan instead called the House of Representatives back into session in order to attempt to override a presidential veto of a Republican-backed measure that would make it easier for financial advisors to cheat their clients.

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachussetts summed up Speaker Ryan’s actions in favor of allowing financial advisors to cheat their clients quite nicely while ignoring common sense gun control legislation thusly:

Paul Ryan showed tonight he is nothing more than an empty suit willing to do the bidding of those who line his pockets and the pockets of his fellow Republicans, and he should be (but most assuredly is not) ashamed of himself.

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2 Responses to Paul Ryan stands with the NRA, mass shooters, domestic violence offenders, and those who engage in hate crimes

  1. Duane12 says:

    Last night was a national nightmare as at the bridge in Selma in another time, but revisited or updated to 2016 with Paul Ryan as Bull Connor, GOP members supporting NRA as vicious police dogs, and there among among the protesting “marchers” singing “We Shall Overcome” was John Lewis just as he was in 1965.

    History rerpeats!

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