For many of you from Milwaukee this is now old news already…but for those of you outside of Milwaukee…well you may have seen it too since it made the national news.

But here are the particulars in a nutshell. Mourners continue to congregate in the area in Sherman Park where Sylville Smith was killed by a Milwaukee Police officer. Needless to say the neighborhood itself would like to return to as much as normal as it can following the riots that followed Mr. Smith’s killing. So to disperse the groups and bring quiet to the neighborhood, the MPD is called to the site. So this past Tuesday night, police asked the group to disperse and there were some issues. A number of people came to help resolve the issues, including State Rep. Brostoff. At some point in the evening police forced Rep. Brostoff to the ground, cuffed him and put him in a police van. He did not identify himself to the police before, during or after the arrest. When police were informed of his identity he was released.

So I have a couple of issues with this. The first is, the police need to find a better way to disperse the mourners and others who continue to gather. It’s going to continue for a while yet. I realize the neighborhood is under stress because of the constant stream of people day and night, and they deserve peace and quiet, but there has to be a better way.

Next, Rep. Brostoff shouldn’t have been released because he is an elected official. If this was a lawful arrest, he should have gone to jail just like you or I would have. There shouldn’t have been any favoritism because of his position.

Or wasn’t this a lawful arrest? There were 10 or more others arrested that evening. Were they lawfully arrested? Were they released? Or did they get booked and go to jail?

Meanwhile Rep. Brostoff is requesting a meeting with Mayor Barrett and Police Chief Flynn to discuss the incident.

Update: This piece was published by Rep Brostoff. It is worth the read!

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