Dozens of times since the GOP National Convention Representative Paul Ryan has had to walk back statements made by Donald Trump, deny that he agrees with them, or outright called Mr. Trump out for some of the things he has said.

But Saturday Rep. Ryan took the easy way out and disinvited Mr. Trump from a joint GOP appearance in Elkhorn WI…in the middle of Rep. Ryan’s district.

That is no longer enough. It’s time that Rep. Ryan simply takes back his endorsement of Mr. Trump and find his way back to the supposed high road he’s made claim to the past 8 or more years. He’s safe in his gerrymandered red district but will probably take some heat within his party and the members of the house. But if wants to survive the coming debacle due the current GOP, he had better bail on Mr. Trump now.

Rep. Ryan: it’s time to put your self-proclaimed integrity ahead of party.

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4 Responses to Paul Ryan: It’s Time to Repudiate Your Support of Donald Trump

  1. Charles Kuehn says:

    It’s way past time for America to repudiate its support of all Republicans including Paul Ryan. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

  2. Mark E. Bye says:

    Know what? I don’t mind that people like Ryan, Walker, Johnson and Duffy “hang” with Trump. Not one bit.

    • Charles Kuehn says:

      Gotta agree with you there. Let them contaminate themselves further by wallowing in filth greater even than their own.

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