Racist float in Ashland High School homecoming parade

I was appalled when I turned to [f]Facebook this morning and saw that a float in the Ashland High School homecoming parade depicted stereotyped “illegal immigrants” waving a Mexican flag on one side of a Trump Wall while being jeered at by other high school students, who were  lead by a kid in a Trump costume and wig. This is bound to reverberate through the cyber world. The post was put up by Xristobal Luis Ramirez Maso, an Hispanic businessman with an  office on Ashland, Wisconsin’s Main Street who saw the float go by. He is a graduate of Northland College in that city. There has, thankfully, been an outpouring of outrage concerning this incident. View the video, the [f] posts and thread here. https://www.facebook.com/xris.ramirez/videos/101552539

racist homecoming parade float from Ashland, Wisconsin High School

racist homecoming parade float from Ashland, Wisconsin High School


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  1. The ashland high school float denigrating mexican people is appalling. It is insensitive, hurtful, racist. What are you teaching kids in ashland? What educator approved this insult? How will the ashland community use this thoughtless event as a teachable moment by providing diversity education? And when they do so, they must include hispanic people. If nothing is done, the school leadership should be removed and replaced with informed and skilled leaders. Shame on ashland if this issue is ignored.

    • The actual message of the float was to depict Trump’s idea of a wall to keep out people of any race from our country is a joke, and that all people should be treated equally. The message was poorly executed, and apologies will be given, but it was truly intended to be a joke. I’m not saying the feelings of hurt and offense are not justified, I just wanted to get the kids’ true intentions out there.

      • The kids were not the only ones with “intentions.” Some adults were behind this. That semi-truck and flatbed trailer did not come out of nowhere. Also, I’m doubtful of claims that nobody on the school’s staff knew about this in advance.

  2. I have concerns about safety and videotaping of other people simply going through the crowd. I see my son was videotaped in this video and certainly not authorized. I see his friend in it too. I don’t think it is fair to him or his friend. They were not involved in this float in the first place.
    My son is Anishinaabe whom I teach to be global and deal with diversity in a cordial manner. I don’t think this should go any further and should be pulled from you tube and facebook all together. Thank you…Mrs. Kingbird

    • Thanks for expressing your concerns, Mavis. From my years in the newspaper business, I know that crowds of people in public spaces have no legal expectation of privacy. Just sayin’…

  3. The children were laughing just as much as the ignorant crowd that was there. I believe that if the shoes fit wear it. I don’t care if the children were green aliens, they still took part of this insensitive display.