Today’s news reports discuss the removal of protestors of the Dakota Access pipeline by local police and National Guardsmen who used pepper spray and bean bags. At least 117 people were arrested. People who for the most part have been peaceably blocking efforts to construct the pipeline.

And yesterday the Bundy clan who protested federal land management by seizing and holding federally owned properties and buildings by armed force were exonerated.

What do you suppose the difference might be?

8 Responses to Strange Dichotomy Around Public Protests

  1. Duane12 says:



  2. Ron says:

    Pathetic Hillary and Obama refuse to do a thing. Pathetic corporate whores.

    So disappointed in Obama after voting for him.

  3. pplr says:

    Scary thing is that Hillary is still likely to be better than the alternative.

    But I’m amused that I see an anti-Feingold internet ad here on blogging blue.

  4. kitty watson says:

    Wisconsin, take a very good look at Tim Kaine…as he is very likely to be the president if you vote for Hillary!

  5. kitty watson says:

    Welcome to Wisconsin…president Tim Kaine…..

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