There is new talk about upgrading the Amtrak route from Milwaukee to Chicago with new track and infrastructure and more trains…but this could have been accomplished years ago if not of the interference of one Governor Scott Walker.


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One Response to Talking Upgrade on Milwaukee to Chicago Amtrak…Again…sigh.

  1. Roger Goppelt says:

    What do you expect of a college dropout who probably never took accounting 101 or basic economics? What do you expect of a college dropout who has high interest credit cards? Waht od you expect of someone who is bought and paid for with dark money ?He takes money so children who are victims of lead paint cannot get just compensation for lifelong mental and physical impairment? Some who shifts the burden of local school costs to district taxpayers who have to vote continously raise property taxes to maintain basic services and a health school enviroment.My property taxes are going up over $200 this year!. He has unfunded liabilities for school vouchers for children that NEVER attended public school! road projects based on old date!, and tax credits to businesses that create jobs in Mexico, avoid paying any taxes, and move out of Wisconsin!.

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