If you were hoping for a reasoned, sensible self reflection from the Clinton camp about why they lost to Donald trump last week, don’t hold your breath.

Former Clinton campaign director of communications outreach, Jess McIntosoh, told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Monday night that it was ” internalized misogyny ” that compelled so many white, college educated women to vote against their self interests and mark the ballot for Donald Trump.

This sounds a lot like what democrats have been saying for years about working class people voting against their own best interests without, of course, bothering much to talk to working class people.

It seems reasonable at this point to suggest that if democrats and the multi-cultural left don’t come up with a better voter persuasion program than ” you’re stupid, or sexist, or racist, or a self loathing woman if you don’t vote the way we think you should ” we’er likely going to looking at a future electoral map that gets even redder than the one we’re looking at right now.

And that’s a pretty frightening looking map indeed.

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One Response to Clinton camp puts partial blame on ” internalized misogyny ” for her loss to Donald Trump

  1. Dan says:

    Well, you know, it’s true. Women just can’t win in these blue collar Midwestern states because they all hate themselves.

    Like remember in 2012 when Tammy Baldwin tried to run for a senate seat against a former four term male governor and just got clobbered? Oh wait, no, she won by five and a half points. Ok, but that was the exception right? Michigan though…Debbie Stabenow got trounced in her reelection bid in 2012? No? Oh that’s right she won 59-38. She must have defeated another woman though right? No, it was a guy. Hmm…..

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