So the taxpayers have to pay for two Secret Service details…one in a public building?

President-elect Donald Trump confirmed Sunday that future first lady Melania Trump and their 10-year-old son, Barron, will remain in New York after he becomes president, as first reported in the New York Post.

I really think that the Trump family needs to pay the tab for the extra protection. We provide a suitable home for the President and his/her family that is luxurious beyond most any of our means…and is secure.

And if this isn’t utter hogwash:

“The campaign has been difficult for Barron, and she is really hoping to keep disruption to a minimum,” an unidentified person “close to Trump’s transition team” told the New York Post in an article published online early Sunday.

I am sure that it is…but they self-inflicted much of that on him…particularly the many appearances he’s made with Mr. Trump since the election. They could have very easily kept him out of the spotlight.

2 Responses to Donald Trump Needs To Pick Up the Tab On This:

  1. Gregory says:

    Earlier today I read and then posted on my blog about this paragraph from The NYT. This topics links with the one here on Blogging Blue.

    “The Trump International Hotel in Washington, just five blocks from the White House, could also take on an outsize role in the Trump administration. His children may stay there when they come to the nation’s capital, and there is chatter that it may supplant Blair House, which traditionally hosts foreign dignitaries visiting the president.”

    Being aware of history and fond of traditions the idea that this nation would give up using Blair House for international guests is troubling. Any president who would have made the suggestion as to having people stay elsewhere would be met with my same reaction. But to have this house since 1942–with major renovations over time made–to be tossed aside so international guests can stay at Trump’s Washington Hotel—!!!

    Am I too assume this has no business relationship to Trump or that our government will not in some way be reimbursing the Trump business?

  2. pplr says:

    You can bet He’ll charge the secret service at least as much as he has been already. Is it true the Trump campaign is the first campaign to turn a profit in modern times?

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