I hate Christmas. I hate the mindless rush of freneticism that passes for celebration, the nagging sense of obligation to run out and buy crap that someone may or may not want, and the stress of being pulled, every year, in multiple directions simultaneously so that no one on either side of my or my wife’s family feels neglected. I’d rather go down to the homeless shelter and wash dishes, or over to the local nursing home to sing some carols. Have yourself a hell of a time!

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One Response to Thursday music: Steve Carlson – A Hell of A Time

  1. Duane12 says:

    Good idea,Steve to provide hope through music to the homeless.

    My singing sounds like an old 78 scratched record so I contribute cash to the “Sojourner” shelter in La Cross, but in western or central Wisconsin, there are also church sponsored shelters or warming centers in Eau Claire, and .Wausau.

    “God rest yee merry gentlemen…”

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