No, not over Act 10 which gutted the rights of public employees and their unions, not over Act 14 that gutted the authority of the Milwaukee County Board, not the meddling in the Milwaukee Public School System, not Right to Work Legislation, not budget cuts to public schools, not budget cuts to the University of Wisconsin system, not the ineffective DNR, etc., etc., etc.

But Wisconsin Governor Walker should be impeached…now…for his total failure to protect the young people incarcerated at the Lincoln Hills School for Boys and the Copper Lake School for Girls and the total ineptitude and arrogance of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. Since the closing of the Ethan Allen School for Boys in Wales just west of Milwaukee in Waukesha county, all minor males sent to the state for incarceration have been sent to Lincoln Hills near Merrill WI over 200 miles from Milwaukee.

There is a laundry list of mistreatment of inmates, lack of trained medical personnel and a chronic shortage of trained staff…resulting in overtime and overworked state employees. There is in fact little or no reason that this should exist and it can no longer be tolerated…and the blame goes right to the top…the office of Governor Scott Walker.

I suggest that you read this article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. But here are some excerpts:

For years, officials knew or should have known about the thicket of problems at Lincoln Hills and its sister facility on the same campus, Copper Lake School for Girls.

“It all went on in plain view of the Department of Corrections, but nobody at the Department of Corrections knew how juvenile corrections worked or how Lincoln Hills operated or what was going on,” said Troy Bauch, who until recently was the union representative for workers there.

The sweeping criminal probe, now nearly 2 years old, is examining allegations of prisoner abuse, child neglect, sexual assault, intimidation of witnesses and victims, strangulation and tampering with public records. A separate internal investigation uncovered four incidents where inmates’ bones were broken.

The crisis at Lincoln Hills is rooted in systematic breakdowns, lax management, confusion over policies, a lack of communication and chronic staff shortages, a review of more than 1,000 pages of records and dozens of interviews by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel found.

Officials trained staff improperly, failed to preserve video evidence, didn’t document serious incidents, and often shirked their duty to report matters to parents, police and social service agencies.

The shortcomings intensified in 2011 when the Walker administration shut down two youth prisons in southeastern Wisconsin to save $25 million a year. The move put all of the state’s serious teen offenders in one facility — hundreds of miles from most of their families.

“The entire climate went from mildly hellish to the ninth ring of hell,” said Timothy Johnson, a former guard.

While a developing crisis quickly became apparent, no one moved to address it.

After nearly six years in office, Walker has yet to visit Lincoln Hills.

(emphasis mine).

There is absolutely no reason that young people should be treated like this while under the care and control of the State of Wisconsin…no matter what reason sent them to Lincoln Hills.

What is the governor’s most recent response to the issues al Lincoln Hills and the Milwaukee County Boards reluctance to continue to send juveniles there? Build a new prison in Milwaukee County as long as the county pays to run it.

Gov. Scott Walker is considering having the state help fund building a Milwaukee County juvenile corrections center, but the county would have to pay for running it.

Milwaukee County officials have sought a way to keep more teen inmates closer to home instead of sending them more than 200 miles away to Lincoln Hills School for Boys and Copper Lake School for Girls.

The two secure facilities share a campus north of Wausau and have been under criminal investigation for nearly two years for prisoner abuse and child neglect.

But nary a word about fixing the issues as Lincoln Hills…so why wait until the criminal investigations bring back the records of wrongdoing and indictments…IMPEACH GOVERNOR WALKER NOW!

12 Responses to Impeach Governor Scott Walker!

  1. Gregory says:

    Do you see a majority of this legislature agreeing?

  2. Duane12 says:

    Would not the charges against Walker for impeachment include child abuse, racial discrimination, and reckless endangerment among others?

  3. Sue says:

    Any secret emails on this one? Like ‘no one cares about crazy people’? Or ‘make sure we keep Scott out of this whole parking-garage-wall-killing-a-kid thing’?
    In other words, there’s a pattern here. Can’t wait for the hard-hitting J-S editorial on it.

  4. WashCoRepub says:

    Brilliant! Best idea I’ve heard since the recall election. I’d also start some pretty massive Capitol Building protests. Lots of signs comparing the Governor to Hitler, obscene chants, etc. Hire Mike Tate as special consultant to the impeachment effort. Come on Dems, back on that horse!!

    • Ed Heinzelman says:

      Even you should understand the difference between Gov. Walker doing something that is legal but that I dislike (Act 10) and not preventing something within his responsibility that is illegal that I also dislike (child abuse).

      Of course I have no expectations that the legislature would have the temerity to actually do anything even if they cared…which they don’t.

  5. Tricia says:

    Agree! The situation at Lincoln Hills was deplorable and our Governor ignored all the pleas for help and turned his back on these people. No excuses! Walker needs to move on out of Madison! Shameful!
    Tricia Q.

  6. Duane12 says:

    It seems Walker has forgotten his Father’s teachings as passed on by his earthly father;

    “…Suffer little children…” which calls upon us to protect, guide, and care for the young whom we are given responsibility.

    Instead, Walker has sent the “children” to a hell hole such as Lincoln Hills and far north from Milwaukee.

    Why? Because the “children” have no vote and they have no power or financial enablement as do the 1% grownups.

  7. Paul says:

    Wouldn’t it be a heck of a lot easier to just vote him out in 2018??

    • Charles Kuehn says:

      Indeed it would be a lot easier to just vote him out in 2018. However, we’ve tried that. Twice, only to come up against the immutable obstacle of electronic election tampering. Both times (and probably 2010 as well, if the truth be known). I don’t have the answer to that; wish I did.

      • Gregory says:

        So you claim there was electronic election tampering in at least two elections but when a complete recount was made in the all important 2016 election there was no such thing happening in WI. I get the fact that Democrats are mighty upset with how things have played out over the past years with Walker and now Trump. I feel the biting angst, too. But to succumb to the idea that our elections are no longer fair when there is no reasonable data to support such claims in WI allows those who should be thinking about policy direction and candidate recruitment to instead get mired in fact less conspiracy theories. It might be easier for some to go there, but I trust the bulk of concerned people will ponder the policy goals that can lead us to wins in the future.

        • Charles Kuehn says:

          There was no “complete” recount in Wisconsin or anywhere else. A complete recount would have mandated a full hand count of every single paper ballot, and a comparison then made to the unverifiable totals from the electronic equipment. As it is, the “recount” was merely a cut and paste of the original “results.” An utter sham by any definition. I submit that a hand recount might have shown a quite different outcome. But we’ll never know that will we? We’ll never know that because the Right Wing Machine went into panic mode at the very idea, and pulled out all the stops to make sure it didn’t happen. That alone is very telling.

        • Charles Kuehn says:

          Forgot to mention:

          Pretty convincing stuff. Read it and learn. Or don’t.

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