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One Response to Merry Christmas: Fort Shafter Christmas 2012 (Reprise)

  1. Duane12 says:

    In these difficult political times with the moral and political decay, in my opinion, by some ascending in our government, I look for hope in the musical bleak mid-winter.


    Remembering the past of those in my family who took an oath to “defend and. preserve…”
    Uncle Fritz, ETO, WWII, returned home safe and sound
    Uncle Willie, WWII Merchant Marine , torpedoed three times
    H.S. friend Bill , KOA Korea
    Cousin Richard, WIA, Chinese grenade wounds to face, Korea
    Brother-in-law Bruce, KIA . arrived Vietnam in November ,buried in December.

    What has the current “president elect” and his family done in the past to “preserve and defend” our country for the future?

    Again, What has Trump, and his family done to “preserve and defend” our democracy in the past?

    Beware, “what is past is a precursor of the future.

    SSgt Duane, 4 year enlistment, Korean War.

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