During the campaign, the self proclaimed billionaire was touting his charitable contributions via the Trump Foundation. But one of the major papers, I think the Wash. Post, discovered that Donald Trump hadn’t contributed to the foundation in years…and the charitable activities he was bragging about were being done with other people’s money…money donated to his foundation by others.

So it should come as no surprise that his highly publicized saving of jobs at a Carrier plant in Indiana works kinda the same way. I am sure you have read or seen at least one article talking about how he convinced UTX, the parent company, of Carrier to keep 700 or 800 or 1000 jobs (depending on which media outlet) in a plant in Indiana instead of moving them to a new plant in Mexico. And of course downplayed in all of that is like 1000 or 1200 or 1300 jobs are still moving to Mexico but never mind.

So Donald Trump is taking credit for saving these jobs…something he made a great deal of during the campaign…but in order to seal the deal, the state of Indiana is giving Carrier a $7 million tax credit. Coincidentally VP-elect Mike Pence is governor of Indiana. So President-elect Trump just saved maybe 1000 Indiana with a combination of threats and Indiana tax payer dollars.

One side question is how come Mike Pence couldn’t have done that without Mr. Trump’s help…or did they know this was going to happen and hold the news back until post-election? I guess that doesn’t actually make any difference.

But isn’t this the same Mike Pence who clawed back a previous tax credit from UTX when they moved other jobs that they were supposed to keep in Indiana? Wonder how this will work out this time?

And did Mr. Trump threaten UTX with loss of government contracts (reportedly 10% of their business) in order to get them to stay. btw: it’s a good chance those jobs are eventually gone anyway since UTX will automate the plant to make it economically feasible in Indiana.

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